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On December 29, 2010, in Belize, News, by nabs

BTL.NET Domain Retired, Service Upgraded
posted (December 28, 2010)

There are about eight thousand email users under the “BTL.NET” domain. That was the first BTL email assignation given out in the mid-90′s – and many clients still use it – like us here at 7news where our main business email address is

But nothing lasts forever and BTL.NET will be replaced by “” at 11:30 tonight.

But if you have a account your address will remain the same – and all you’ll have to do is change a few settings in your email programme.

That’s explained in an email to customers – and in an infomercial that you’ve seen on this newscast, but to get behind the official explanation, we asked public relations representative Anjali Vasquez, why the change?…

Anjali Vasquez, BTL Public Relations Officer
“Basically as of 11:30 tonight, emails coming to your account instead of going to the old system or the old server will be sent to the new server, so there will be missing of anything. Right up to 11:30 everything will be going to where it went for all those years. Those who use an email client which is Microsoft Outlook and there are several versions of email clients only need to change a couple settings to start pulling from the new system, and those setting will be given to you in instructions.”

Jules Vasquez
“So I will have to do something….?”

Anjali Vasquez, BTL Public Relations Officer
“Yes in your mail client, yes.”

Jules Vasquez
“So now all that unsolicited mail I currently receive from BTL which comprises at least half of my mail load which about purchasing Viagra…”

Anjali Vasquez, BTL Public Relations Officer
“You won’t get that…no.”

Jules Vasquez
“I know BTL is block from some domains,, its black listed because it is use for spam.”

Anjali Vasquez, BTL Public Relations Officer
“Right, this will no longer be the case. This can’t be the case using being powered by Google.”

Jules Vasquez
“I don’t need to tell anybody in the world that I have a new email address.”

Anjali Vasquez, BTL Public Relations Officer
“No, the only thing about this is now you get all these cool features and all you have to do is change your password and update your settings in your client, that’s it.”

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